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The Eichsfeld mourns Oleg Meiling.

The 21-year-old from Hausen was one of the three Army soldiers who died on Tuesday in northern Afghanistan during a gunfight with insurgents of the radical Islamic Taliban died. Counter clock time was 11:59, the patrol seven kilometers away from Kunduz with automatic weapons shelled.

It developed an hour-long battle. In the case of a crash avoidance maneuvers of armored transport of type "fox" with the three soldiers in a major flood ditch and remained on the roof lie. Because of the battle, the three soldiers could not be saved. Oleg Meiling had only been a few days in Afghanistan.

One of the more involved combat soldier from S. Eichsfelder rumor remained unhurt. The victims belonged to the third company of the 391st Panzer Grenadier Battalion in Bad Salzungen.

"It is very human tragedy. The whole city takes part in the horrific death of a young man," said Hausen Catholic Ortspfarrer Franz Konradi. Governor and Mayor Werner Henning Henry Barthel took place yesterday, the grandparents of Oleg Meilinger in Hausen, there was the time a soldier accustomed to from Kondolenzbesuch.

"It was a shock as it had become bitter certainty. We are stunned, appalled and dismayed at the death of Oleg," said Jochen Scheerbaum, coach of the football Thüringenligisten SC Leinefelde. For eight years, the 21-year-old soldier Oleg Meiling time when Leinefelde Sportclub football played and a large share in the successes of Leinefelde teams had - among other things, was national champion with the A-juniors become. Also on the rise this year in the league Thuringia had he. "He was in the team very popular. His death is an immeasurable loss," said the coach Leinefelde.

With dismay and regret that the members of the Fire Department Hausener the news of the serious accident in Afghanistan recorded. "Our condolences to the parents, now the loss of a beloved son to complain that the grandparents, as well as all the relatives and friends," Hausen said yesterday Ortsbrandmeister Heribert Hesse, Oleg Meilinger of the garden as a neighbor estimate had learned.

Yesterday evening in the Catholic Church in Hausen a prayer service with the Lutheran pastor Christoph Rymatzki to honor memory of Oleg Meiling held.